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July 2017 Update: Neighbors of South Tempe don't need and don't want a smoke shop / vape store. Gravitate Smoke Shop is not welcome here! It's bad for home values, and it's antithetical to our community. Please sign this online petition to make your voice heard!

We will present this online petition to the City of Tempe hearing on July 18 at 5PM at the zoning hearing.


01) Sign the Petition:

02) Attend the Hearing to STOP Gravitate Smoke Shop:

Where: Tempe City Hall Council Chambers 31 E. 5th Street Tempe, AZ 85281

When: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at 5PM

Why: We put pressure on the city officials, the business owner, and the zoning hearing committee.

See what Gravitate Smoke Shops look like on Facebook:

^ This is not a gentleman's cigar store! "Vapor Stores" sell tobacco, bongs, hookahs, and other drug-related accessories. 

^ Actual interior

^ Example of an online ad from Gravitate Smoke Shop.

^ Merry Christmas! Let's get stoned! We're open until 1 AM. 

May 2017 Update - 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful spring. We've been very blessed this May to have cool weather.  Here are some fun updates from the 85284: 

I. Garden Tour

South Tempe's Jake Mace is giving his final garden tour on June 3rd and 4th, 2017 before summer blows through Arizona. Jake's 1/3 of an acre "food forrest" garden has become the envy of many people here in Tempe, but also to tens of thousands of aspiring gardeners who enjoy his YouTube channel. Jake's backyard will blow your mind. You had no idea that you could do this kind of gardening in Arizona!

II. Tempe Public Marketplace Construction

All evidence of Circle K has been deleted on the NEC of Warner and Rural. We can only see a brick shell of a building ready to be rebuilt as a beautiful neighbrohood cafe. Chef Aaron will be opening up shop late in the fall.

III. Verizon

 As we reported earlier this year on Facebook. Verizon in fact opened up a on the NWC of Warner and McClintock in the old 7/11. It's not the first choice to add to our community, but it's an upgrade for sure.  

December 2016 Update  - 

We can finally let the news out! Chef Aaron Chamberlin is opening Tempe Public Market on the NE Corner of Warner and Rural in the empty Circle K gas station.   

If you've been to Chef Chamberlin's Phoenix Public Market downtown, you know that this is will be a cool neighborhood spot. The cafe has a little for everyone at all hours of the day. 

Read the story in The Phoenix New Times

From the Architect Christoph Kaiser:

"The second chapter of Chef Aaron Chamberlin’s "Public Market Cafe" is coming to Tempe Arizona in Spring 2017.  A 3,190sf abandoned Circle K gas station is being transformed into the farm-to-table restaurant, and will be surrounded by vegetable gardens, a grand shade canopy, and a publicly accessible park with a community fire place.  Reclaimed concrete from the existing parking lot will be re-used to create raised planting beds to grow plants for use by the restaurant and bar.  Construction will begin in January 2017."


November 2016 Update - 

The space left vacant from Marcello's departure has been sold and is under construction. The new restaurant is called "Oink." :/  

If you are a fan of breakfast and bacon, then this place should be an interesting option showing up in our neighborhood. 

From their website: 

We’re known for our famous flight of bacon. 

​​​​​​- Apple Cider
- Applewood Smoked
- Hickory
- Honey Cured
- Jalapeno
- Pepper
- Sugar Cured ​
- Chef's Choice

Have you been by the future home of Zipps? Their patio is under construction. You can see it in clear view from Warner Road. Let the good times roll! 

Can someone tell us what's going on on the NE Corner of McClintock and Warner? There's a fenced-off area just south of the Wells Fargo bank.  For much of last year, it looked like they were drilling for oil.  Like for real. 

Now it's getting set up with utilities or something.  This whole thing is a mystery and nobody seems to know what's up. 


September 2016 Update - 


Let's spread the word! There are two vacancies in our community that deserve to be something cool: 

1) Why not a Flower Child? There is a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY for a creative restaurateur in the stand-alone space near the new Starbucks that was previous Marcello's Pasta Grill. It's a perfect location for a Flower Child or a True Foods Kitchen.  Find it here on Google Maps

2) Why not a Joyride Taco?  True Food Kitchen?  The old 7/11 station on the northwest corner of McClintock and Warner has excellent exposure and so much potential! It's a perfect location for something fun from Upward Projects like a Postino or JoyrideFind it here on Google Maps


A lot of fun upgrades are happening in our community. 

1) Crepe Bar reopened after being closed for the summer for a major expansion and renovation. They're new interior is bright and airy. Plus they've relaunched a menu so that there's something for everyone to like.  If you haven't made a trip to Crepe Bar on a Saturday morning, you are missing out! 

2) Zipps Sports Grill is confirmed for 1860 E. Warner Road, Tempe, AZ 85284. (See document on the city website.) They’ll be adding a fun patio, probably on the south side of the building facing Warner Road. Zipps is a locally owned sports bar that’s a fun and family friendly. Hopefully they’ll be open in time to catch a couple ASU or Cardinals games this fall. Learn more on their website:

3) Secret Project - There are MAJOR UPGRADES coming to the northeast corner of Rural and Warner. The kind of stuff that makes you want to buy a bike for your neighbor so that you can ride over together. We’ll let you all know when it’s official official. 

4) EoS Fitness - If you haven’t yet, be sure to swing by EOS Fitness on the northeast corner of McClintock and Warner. They have a lot of fun amenities you don’t expect from a gym. In addition to free weights, they offer a lot of fun group fitness classes with excellent teachers. They have a pool and a child care center as well. What did I forget? Oh yes--they enticing movie theater with treadmills, cycling machines, and ellipticals. Somehow, you’re motivated to run another mile if you get to see the end of the movie. What’s not to like?


1) Fire Station - There will be a new fire station going in a section carved out of Estrada Park, which is North of Warner on the east side of McClintock. You don't want to lose any square inch of a public park, but it's comforting to know that medical and fire support has moved closer the heart of South Tempe. Read about Fire Station 7

2) Crosswalks - We got word from a city official that the intersection of McClintock and Warner is scheduled for improvements. We're expecting new brick-like cross walks and better markings. 

- Matt Smith 


January 2016 Update - 

It's fun to see orders come in for T-shirts.  I look forward to seeing these shirts around town! 

Rumor has it that Zipps, the locally-owned sports grill, is moving from McClintock/Ray up to McClintock/Warner.  It will be in the most East corner of the McClintock Fountains shopping center next to Harbor Freight. 

Won't it be lovely to see people dining outside and cheering on the Cardinals?

- Matt Smith  


December 2015 Update - 

  1. I'm excited to launch our first five T-shirts. 
  2. I'm excited that the leaves are turning and it feels chilly outside. It makes the coffee at Crepe Bar even more delicious.
  3. I'm excited that the city of Tempe now gives away free organic compost to it's residents.
  4. I'm excited that your neighborhood can receive up to $10,000 in grant money to improve your community. 

That is all for now. 

- Matt Smith 


November 2015 Update - 

I've created another batch of high quality vinyl car window stickers. If you see me at Seattle Espresso or at Crepe Bar, ask me and I will give you one. Just don't forget to put them on your ride! 

- Matt Smith 


September 2015 Update - 

So it begins. Today I got my first South Tempe sticker made and stuck it on my car.

- Matt Smith

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